Below are some original music tracks from various Ratloop projects, created by Lucas Pope and James "Lando" Anderson. For more of James' work, check out the JelloKnee web site.


 Track  Size  Project
HelsingsFire-Map.mp3 3.8 MB Helsing's Fire
HelsingsFire-Puzzle.mp3 4.9 MB Helsing's Fire
HelsingsFire-Boss.mp3 4.7 MB Helsing's Fire
HelsingsFire-Victory.mp3 3.2 MB Helsing's Fire
Arcadia.mp3 6.5 MB Firefighter game
JelloKnee.mp3 4.7 MB JelloKnee album
KickStartCowboy.mp3 4.5 MB JelloKnee album
Klendatha.mp3 3.7 MB Hab-12
Sub-Friction.mp3 4.8 MB Hab-12
SuzieShoes.mp3 4.7 MB  
TerminalMan.mp3 5.6 MB Ratloop promo video
TrailBlazin.mp3 4.0 MB Firefighter game

NOTE: These files are copyrighted and may not be redistributed without a license.